How To Approach a Girl For Sex

Contrary to what pop culture and the entertainment industry will lead us to believe, it is quite impossible to just approach a random stranger for casual sex without some form of prior interaction. Prior interaction here doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be familiar with the person or speak to them for hours on end before broaching the real intent behind your interest, it just so happens that people find it off putting to be blatantly asked for sex by total strangers. How To Approach a Girl For Sex The first step to approaching a girl for sex, stop being a stranger. You see a girl at a social event, a club or while you’re walking down the street and she interests you, the first thing to do is invent an avenue to introduce yourself, don’t spend hours staring and fantasizing, don’t waste time, do it. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be bold about it and walk straight to her or if you’ll be subtle and frame it as a chance event. Introduce yourself, let her know who you are and try to get details about her too. If she is an active participant in the conversation then you might be heading somewhere. For the current generation, terms like Friends with benefits and casual hookups are normal. As they focus on their career, they don’t want to be involved in a relationship before making a name for themselves. However, they also have bodily urges that need to be satisfied. This is where casual sex comes in, where a man and woman have sex purely for bodily pleasure without any attachments. So below are the steps that you can use to Approach a girl for casual sex. Pay her compliments. Don’t be excessive or overly suggestive so that you come across as creepy, and never (not even on the threat of death) make generalized compliments, say something that lets her know you’ve been paying a measure of attention to her, compliment her dress and how it matches her eyes, say something genuine and do it in the most natural way possible. Try not to stutter the compliments, look at her when you say it and smile. It goes a long way. Make yourself as attractive as possible without being ridiculous. When talking about yourself say things that sound appealing to the female mind, don’t bring up awkward memories from when you were younger unless it is strictly necessary, don’t wash with compliments, don’t sound self deprecating. You’re a guy after something and your goal is to make what you want you in return. Are we clear? Don’t flatter your biceps or your genitals or your looks or do any other thing along those lines. Try to come across as a nice young man interested in a nice young woman. Inject sexual innuendos into the conversation. All your efforts will be for naught if she doesn’t know you “want” her. Find a way to bring sexual tension to your interaction. Maybe say something that references sex, nice long legs? Say it, you don’t have anything to lose if she isn’t interested. You, however, have a lot to lose if you let an interested bed partner go home alone. So be sexual, not blatantly but enough for her to know you mean business, tell raunchy jokes if that’s what it takes, but put it on the table and gauge her reaction to it, you must know if there’s sex to be had or not. Invite her to a private place. If she’s still receptive after your blundering through all the advice given above, then invite her to someplace private, your place, your car, the restroom, a hotel? It doesn’t matter, invite her somewhere or invite yourself to her place and go with the flow, be persuasive in your invitation, don’t just settle for “no” as the first response, maybe “how ’bout we head back to my place for a drink”, or ” more fun activities”. This is where it all heads to, don’t ask her too early and if she says no, then try again after a bit of time with a leading question like, “are you sure…” or ” I’m sure it would be….” Be like a car salesman; quietly persuasive and logical. Odds are you get the girl. And if you don’t there are other girls to be had, just try again and be better at it this time.
How to approach a girl for sex

Approach a girl at a party or a bar

Approaching a girl for sex
Bars and parties are great spots to meet a girl for a one-night stand. Lots of young girls and boys just want to have their physical desires fulfilled with any commitment to a relationship. If you go to a club or any party, you’ll find many girls looking for a fling. A night full of meaningless sex and no attachments. So, how do you approach a girl at a party or bar to have casual sex with?

Step 1:  Find the girl you like

Approaching a girl for sex
It is crucial to find the girl at the bar you like. Look for alone girls or a group only filled with girls. It is crucial that you find a girl that you like and is single to have casual sex.

Step 2: Start a conversation

Once you locate the girl you like, you should approach that girl. If she is dancing, go slowly, dance alongside hai, and exchange some hi and hellos. The process should look smooth; you shouldn’t force yourself on the girl if you want to get laid tonight. If the girl is at a bar, offer her a drink to start the conversation. It is a very important step. Most men get scared of this step and drop their quest for casual sex.

Step 3:  Flirt a little 

Healthy flirting does not do any harm. It keeps things light and makes the whole conversation more joyful. While flirting, respect the girl and do not use slurs or inappropriate language.

Step 4: Let her know what you want

You should be honest and upfront with the girl about your needs and what you seek, as you wouldn’t want to mislead her. If she needs the same thing, you can figure out the next details: when, where, and how. This way, you can have casual sex with a girl with no strings attached.

Meeting Girls through dating apps

In India, the culture of dating apps is rapidly growing. People meet the love of their lives or partners on these apps. However, apps like Tinder and Bumble are also good for finding girls for hookups. There are lots of girls in these apps who are looking for one-night stands, hookups, and no-strings-attached sex. Therefore, if you want to approach a girl for casual sex, you can follow these steps to figure it out.

Step 1: Make a Profile on Dating app

The profile is the only thing that’ll get you laid on these apps. First, take 5-6 grey pictures of yourself. Then login to the app and fill out the necessary details like age, DOB, Name, City, etc. After that, upload your images. When the app asks you for your dating preferences, you select casual. Furthermore, while writing your bio, you should mention that you’re looking for casual hookups.

Step 2: Setting up your match preferences

Once you complete your profile, you should set a preference for the girl you are looking for. While setting match preferences, you must select age, distance, and relationship type. You can also set various other features like height, color, etc. These preferences help you to filter out all the unwanted girls and will show you what you want.

Step 3: Swiping Right

Once the girls with the same interest in casual sex start coming up in your profile, you start swiping right. Right-swiping a Girl means you like her. Left swipe means you don’t. So you keep swiping the girl who you want to hook up with. Once the girls swipe you back, you’ll be matched and allowed to text her. Some dating apps have paid features to send a text before matching. You can also use that.

Step 4: Start texting and set up a one-night stand

Once you match the girl, you should start texting. You should be upfront with your casual sex needs with the girl. If she also wants the same, you can decide on further details based on your comfort. So you can easily approach girls for hookups and casual sex following the steps that are given up. Furthermore, she always remained respectful of the needs of the girls, and she also wanted to gain from this experience. Be polite and gentle with the girl you pick up for a one-night stand. Also Read : How To Choose The Right Type Of Escort