Your guide to getting a Happy Ending Massage 

Happy Ending Massage Guide

Everyone must have heard about Happy Massage at least once in their life. Some of you might have even experienced a happy massage. The popularity of massages with happy endings is growing rapidly in the country. You’ll find lots of parlors around the world giving happy endings. Earlier, only Bangkok and Thailand were famous for giving happy endings after their massages. However, as the demand and popularity rose the happy ending messages also started in India. This article’ll discuss what a happy ending massage is, its history, and its benefits. Furthermore, this article will also talk about how to get Happy Ending massages or How to do happy-ending massages at home.

What do you mean by Happy Ending Massage?

Happy Ending Massage

Happy ending massages are slightly different from normal massages. Like any other body massages, the masseuses will focus on making you stress-free. However, in this message, along with the physical, there is also an intimate sexual component in it. This massage will start like normal massages of your different body parts. However, in this massage, the goal of the masseuse will be to release the stress from your muscles and, after that, make you cum at the end. They will rub your body normally with oils and lotions. Once they are done with it, the masseuses will perform a sexual activity to make you cum or to give you a happy ending. The happy-ending massage gives you overall satisfaction and relaxation.

It is important to know that the sexual act performed by the masseuses after the massage is not necessarily sex. The happy ending refers to making the client cum. Generally, masseuses do not resort to penetrative sex to achieve pleasure. If you’re a man, the masseuses will either give you blow jobs or hand jobs to make you cum. In the case of female clients, it will be either fingering or oral sex. However, that is not always the case. Some masseuses offer full sex services to give a happy ending. This means they will also get completely naked and will involve you in foreplay and penetrative sex to make you cum.

So, a happy ending massage is an erotic one, which involves stimulating clients sexually till they achieve orgasm. In happy-ending massages, the Focus of the Massage therapist is to give you sexual pleasure. To achieve that, they get naked, make you aroused and stimulate your penises or vagina. The goal is to make you cum.

 However, it is important to note that all this will happen only after your consent. In some massage parlors, you’ll be asked at the start whether you want a happy ending. However, some massage therapists ask you this after giving you a normal massage. 

History of Happy Ending Massages 

Happy Ending Massages

The intimate and erotic messages were present here from several centuries ago. It is the West that came to know about these messages very late. Happy ending massage was first used in 1999  in a Newspaper from Australia. Even though this term is relatively new, the practice of erotic massages is very old. In Japanese culture, erotic messages have a very special place. Japanese have been doing nuru massages, which is a type of erotic massage, for ages. Nuru massage is an intimate couples massage that provides both partners pleasure. Later, this practice moved to neighbouring countries and came to the West. Bangkok and Thailand are famous throughout the world for their happy-ending massages.

Benefits of happy-ending massages

There are many benefits to having a happy ending massage, such as: 

  • A happy-ending massage can improve your overall health. This massage targets your physical, emotional, and mental health and helps you achieve holistic happiness.
  • This massage involves rubbing different body parts with oil and cream. This massage can improve your blood circulation throughout the body.
  • These massages are a great way to blow off steam and relieve stress.
  • The happy-ending massages can also help to deal with sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
  • Suppose you are feeling anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issues. These messages are a great way to address these problems.
  • The happy-ending massage therapists are very skilled at their jobs. While giving you a happy ending, they’ll put you in such a blackout phase that you’ll forget all the worries in the world. All your pain and issues will be far gone.
  • Finding what parts can turn you on can be tricky if you and your partner are experienced. It is much, much harder in the case of women. However, the foreplay and erotic massage done by the masseuses can help you figure out what body parts can make you turn on. This information is very useful for increasing pleasure.

All these benefits make the happy-ending massages worth getting. You’ll love the experience when you receive an erotic massage from an experienced massage therapist.

Where can you get happy-ending massages?

In foreign countries, it is easy to find happy-ending massage parlors. These parlors are located in a specific city area where you can visit and have this service. However, it is taboo in Indian society, so you won’t be able to find happy-ending massage parlors easily here in India.

Finding a happy-ending massage parlor in India is a game of trial and error. You can easily find Happy Ending Massage Parlours in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, or any other major city in India. However, the location of these parlors is usually hidden. You’ll have to go and check all the parlors out one by one to find happy-ending massage parlors. You can also consult someone who has visited such Parlours in the past. If you search, you can easily find these massage parlors. Moreover, you can also search Instagram and Telegram for massage parlors in your city.

How to get a Happy Ending Massage at Home?

It is not necessary to always go to a massage therapist to receive happy-ending massages. You can also have this experience with your partner. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to do a happy-ending massage at home.

Preparing for a Happy ending massage.

It is important to set the room and mood for this intimate massage. You should collect all the necessary items, such as towels, oil, creams, or any sex toys if you’re into it. You should also arrange a massage table beforehand. You can also do it in bed if you don’t have a massage table. However, use an extra bed sheet that you can throw away later. This massage will include oil, cream, and bodily fluid; if it goes on to your regular bed sheets, they won’t be used again.

It is also important to prepare the room for this erotic massage. You should keep the room dimly lit. Use scented candles so that the room smells fresh. You can also use sensual and intimate music to set the mood.

Start slow and intimate

Once everything is set, the partner who is getting massaged will lie down naked on the massage table. Meanwhile, the other partner, the masseuse, will sensually apply cream or oil to your body. Slowly touch your every body part. Once you are all oiled up, the masseuse will start massaging your legs and will make her way up to all the body parts except your sex organs. The massage therapist will touch your legs , thighs , back , neck , Hands, and chest. In between these, the massage therapist will be vaguely touching your penis or vagina to tease you and turn you on. 

Once they are done with, they’ll reach your private parts, such as the ass, penis, vagina, and breasts. The massage therapist will start oiling your private parts up and make you more and more turned on with every touch. They’ll massage all of your erogenous zones and will try to make you moan with pleasure. The  more they massage your erogenous zones, the more horny you become.

Before the happy ending, this whole massage process and foreplay can last up to 30 minutes. This time depends from person to person. 

The Final Happy Ending 

This is the final step , the final pleasure that you desire, the happy ending. Once your normal massage is over, the therapist will then get undressed and then move down to your private parts only. This stage is different for both men and women. In the case of a man , the massage therapist will first massage your penis. Then she’ll start Nuru massage or body-to-body massage. In this, the massage therapist will oil herself up and will rub her body and private parts on your body. She’ll rub her boobs and ass all over you , making you more and more turned on by every passing second. After that, she’ll go down and give you a blow job or boob job. In most of the happy ending massage cases, the therapist will make you cum at this stage only, and the massage will end. However, if you opt for the sex option, then once the blow job is done, she’ll start penetration sex and will continue to do so until you cum and get a happy ending.

In the case of a female client, the masseur will not initially massage the chest with other body parts. Once the normal massage is complete, the massage therapist will then oil your breasts and vagina to massage them. The massage therapist will spend considerable time massaging your breasts and then vagina. Once you are ready, the massage therapist will go down to give you oral sex , finger you, and make you wet. Some women cum during Oral sex. If this doesn’t happen, the massage therapist will move towards penetrative sex and will continue to do so until you receive your happy ending.

Cleaning yourself up after the massage 

Once you cum the massage will end. Then you and your partner can clean yourself up. After the massage, you must throw the oil-stained bed sheets away as they are useless now. After that, you and your partner should shower to remove any oil or cream left there. It  is important to clean yourself thoroughly.

What is the rate  of  Happy ending massages?

The rate for happy-ending massages depends on city and therapist to city. In big cities, the Happy Ending massage rate is higher than in small towns. Further, the rate also depends upon the services you need. If you need a normal happy ending massage without sex, it will cost less than the sex happy ending massage. 

The massage parlors also give options for incall and outcall massage services. In Incall massage service, you go to the massage parlours and receive the happy ending. While in outcall services, you call a massage therapist at your place, and everything happens there. The outcall happy ending service costs more than the incall service.

Is it legal to get a Happy Ending massage in India?

Yes, getting a Happy ending massage in India is legal. What you do in your private space is your thing. Nobody can interfere with it. Giving and receiving massages in India is legal, and no one can arrest you. However, if you are found involved with any Prostitution ring or brothel, you might be arrested. As in India, only individual Prostitution is legal; everything else except that is illegal. So you should ensure you receive a happy ending massage at your place, not some brothel.

What to do before getting a massage?

You should always respect your massage therapist. You should talk politely with them and not force them to do anything they don’t want.

Always shower before a happy ending massage and make sure that your intimate areas are thoroughly clean. As the massage therapist will be touching and stimulating your body, it is important that you thoroughly clean yourself so that it’s comfortable for them.

When you enter the massage parlour, you’ll be asked to choose a massage therapist from all the available therapists. While selecting one from them, you must ensure you’re not rude to the remaining massage therapist. Say no in a very humble and polite manner.

So you can use the above guide to get a hot and relaxing happy-ending massage today. You should remember all the dos and don’ts you must follow while receiving the massage.

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