Top 10 Role Play Ideas To Making Sex Interesting

Every couple wishes that the spark in their bedroom never dies and here we have brought to you the crazy Sex Role Play Ideas. The couples sex life with time and repeating the same sex schedule daily can make things cold or even boring. Therefore to reignite the fire of passion or to make your good sex life the best sex life couples often turn towards role playing. Role play refers to intimating a persona or character. In bedroom role play is an effective tool to bring all your fantasies and imaginations to life. It gives you the control over reality and allows you to shape it in whatever way you want. if you want to experience this role play you can book Mumbai escorts.

 Role play can be of several degrees , some people might want to keep it simple and casual with no pompous and extra effort. Whereas some couples go all out when they decide to roleplay. They fully commit to the persona they are going for ,by using costumes , makeup and wigs. This tells us that when it comes to role play there are endless possibilities for a couple to choose from.

Role play opens a different personality to you , it gives you a chance to become someone you aspire to be. It can take your sex to the next level as it provides you with an opportunity to do things which you won’t do in your regular self. With a new role comes the new personality you can be anyone and can do anything you wish for until your partner agrees to it.

So to address your curiosity about role playing. In this article we are going to discuss top 10 role playing ideas. You can use these ideas in your bedroom to make things spicy tonight.

1. The employee boss role play 

The Employer Boss Role Play

This role playing persona is classic and is derived from reality. The boss and employee bedroom role playing heavily depends on the taboos and power dynamics. Moreover, the office based role plays are best when done in office like settings such as having sex on table  or desl really brings out the vibes of this role playing. Moreover, if you put in some extra effort, make a story and set the table as office you can make many of your fantasies come true from movies , like removing all the items from the table in one sweep and laying you partner on it while kissing. Doing this can do wonders for your sex life.

2. The househelp act

The Househelp Act

This househelp roleplay is again one of the classics. Here your partner can be maid of butler , and you can be the owner. The revealing dress on your partner or you will go a long way. This role play will have you fullfill you slave fantasies where your partner kneels and obey your every command whole heartedly. To achieve maximum satisfaction in this role play it is advised that you do this in as real setting as possible like your house help partner should be acting like he or she is doing some house hold chores and then you can go for inspection where things took an entirely different turn…

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3. The massage therapy 

The Massage Therapy

Massage is an intimate and sensual activity that release tension from your body and as it often performed in calm environment and physical touch it holds some sort of intimacy. Couple who are looking for something new to try in bedroom can try erotic massage therapist role play. As massage can make your partner really horny. Furthermore , it allows you to give more in depth attention to your partners body and allows you to find various different pleasure zones. Furthermore, more to further spice things up couples can try erotic massages like Nuru massage. Moreover , massage allows you to build excitement for the real sex as it acts  as really powerful foreplay session.

4. Stranger at the bar

The stranger role play is best for outdoor fun. In this role play both you and your partner change your names and personality and then you meet at a bar as a total stranger. Meeting as a stranger allows you to once again hit on your partner and make them fall for you once again. Furthermore, you can spice up the stranger role play act by adding an element of adultery and cheating in it and making it an one night stand. This makes the whole role play much more thrilling and make the sex extra wild. As even the thought of eating the forbidden fruit can really rule you up.

5. Sluty Doctor/ Nurse and patient role play

Doctor/ Nurse and patient is again one of the classic role playing options. It is advised that the female partner become nurse or a doctor and dress in a really slutry way , like a hot sexy doctor. The male partner can dress up like patient. When the sexy nurse will come to examine the patient , she can examine her and explain the patient his condition by being more handy and physical. This touching will really arouse your partner and the he would be all riled up to have sex with you right on that bed.

6. The Pizza Guy Role Play 

I don’t have money with me right now , is there some other way in which I can pay for Pizza. This is the most famous line in the Pizza guy porn , and it the most classic role playing idea. The pizza guys role play is very easy and most widespread sex role play ideas. Here generally the male partner dresses up as the pizza guy and when he comes to deliver the female partner acts like she doesn’t have money to pay for it. As to get even the female partner offers sex in place of money. This is a very old sex role play ideas you can add your own customisation to make it more erotic.

7. Loosing your virginity AGAIN 

Everybody’s first time sex memory is awkward and painful but still worth remembering. As it was the first time your cherry popped which means you lost your virginity. It doesn’t matter that whether you lost your virginity to your current partner or not but it  will surely excite you when you’ll recreate it. You should choose your settings same as the first time when you lost your virginity to bring back that young excitement and desire. Furthermore , this time  your  first sex will be backed  by the experience that you attained all these years and further increase you pleasure while you are enjoying your nostalgia.

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8. Impersonating real life celebrity or famous character

We all have celebrity crush or crush on any particular character from a movie or a show. With these characters or celeb crushes we also have sexual fantasies that are hard to come true. But you still can make this try with the help of your partner. You can ask your partner to watch that particular movie or show and dressup and act like your celeb crush while having sex. This will give you feeling that you are really having sex with you crush and  you’ll have much for heated and intense sex session.

9. The plumber act

Another classic role at is when plumber, carpenter, electrician, handy man/woman/person shows up at your house and then the things can get intimate turn . Your partner can dress up like any of the persona mentioned above. This appeals to the hardwork and sweaty side of you. The sight of ripped sweating hardworking many can rile up any female easily. Furthermore you don’t need much props or prepration for this role play anyone can do it easily.

10. Teacher Student sex role play 

Another  classic sex role play ideas is of teacher and student. Every student has a crush on one of their teachers and then this crush turns into sexual fantasies.  This role play will provide you an opportunity to have sex with your teacher or student. As a student you can dress up really slutty and go ask teacher for a favour which he will give in return of your innocent flesh. You can Experience this Role play at Red Light Areas of Mumbai

Things to remember while having role play 

Having tangible boundaries is a good option while going in for role play. You should discuss all the things beforehand with your partner and figure out a common base with them. Furthermore you should identify the things that your partner is uncomfortable with and completely avoid them. You should also have a safe word in case things start to go south.

Moreover , discussing every aspect of the sex role play ideas with your partner beforehand is a great practice. A good discussion of fantasies and fetishes allows partners to understand eachothers needs more effectively. This increases the pleasure of the whole process as the partners truly understand what their lovers desire.  

Role-playing may be a wonderfully exciting method to learn to know your own wants, just like any other kind of sexual game that couples play together. When you put on a roleplaying game in which you assume the identity of another person, you can experience a level of freedom and lack of inhibition in a manner that is not always easy to achieve in real life. It’s possible that sleazy conversation may feel more natural, and previously undiscovered quirks could rise to the surface. A little bit of acting could possibly lead you and your lover to new sexual heights, but only so long as the lines of interaction are kept open between the two of you and your partner.

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